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Focus on connector manufacturing
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Comprehensive connection solution
A variety of connector solution applicable to all kinds of high quality,Reliable connection application requirements
A car


From the standard connector products to the motor vehicle and the in-car entertainment special custom power and signal wiring harness.

The computer


Implement the server、Realize seamless integration between network and storage devices,Faster、Smaller and more efficient,Designed for the realization of a stronger signal integrity optimization connection scheme。

Household electrical appliances


Rich variety of connector has a corresponding interface helps you to create the required product,To achieve highly innovative home appliances design。

Communications equipment


Through the radio frequency (rf)、Optics、Copper foil and the back is integrated into a customized solution for your project as much as possible to reduce the occupied space,Will help you to develop more quickly、Even smaller、A new generation of more efficient telecommunications solutions



Rich variety of link easily meet the durability of the space industry、Miniaturization、High performance demanding requirements。

Intelligent household


Offer applies to household appliances and equipment、Lighting、Hvac、A variety of reliability of safety、Fusion、The connection solution.

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